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Joy at Writing The End

Anyone who writes will appreciate the joy of getting to an end of a piece of work that hooks all the segments together, ties up all the loose ends, and arrives at the right place to stop.  Gasp! The long … READ MORE »

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What Writers Do to Sell a Few Books

So I got an invitation to sign books more than one hundred miles away, and a two-and-a-half-hour drive from my mountain top village to coastal California. Specifically, Santa Maria. A bookstore called Bookworm. The trip offers an eyeful of glorious … READ MORE »

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Life Without My Dog

My beloved companion dog, Lily, died a week ago now. Over last weekend, I cried so hard for her I made myself sick. That phase of grieving has passed. Most of us have lost a pet, so I can write … READ MORE »

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Writing Without a Dog

I no longer have to look behind me before I move my writing chair, because my life companion, my dog Lily, died on Friday. Most of us with a human heart know what it is to love an animal, and … READ MORE »

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