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Changing The Covers on My Books

I liked the previous covers of my four books. But a smooth-talking Irishman, who presented as a social media expert at a conference I recently attended, persuaded me the covers looked  dated. I fell under his spell and found myself … READ MORE »

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Violent Voices in Our Heads, Violent Books on Our Shelves by Guest Blogger Clark Lohr

 T.M. Luhrmann, an anthropology professor at Stanford, wrote an opinion piece which appeared in the New York Times on September 19, 2013, concerning, in part, paranoid schizophrenics who have done mass shootings.  Culture has an influence on the voices—the commands—heard … READ MORE »

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Writing As An Astral Projection Device

When a book comes alive it’s a wonderful feeling. Your words sparkle on the pages. The dialogue is snappy. You even laugh out loud at some of your one-liners. The characters leap off the page. You can’t wait to get … READ MORE »

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Violence as Entertainment #2 by Clark Lohr, Author

What is the effect, upon US. culture, of printed media depicting violence? A quick Google search comes up with television and video games, but not so much on print. The American Psychological Association says there’s a link between aggression, decreased … READ MORE »

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A Movie of My Latest Book

Christine Brown arranged for us to do a Q & A on writing at the Frazier Park library. Frazier Park is a little town perched near Interstate-5, the river of commerce that runs from Mexico to Canada. Yes, we’re a … READ MORE »

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Murder as Entertainment versus Murder as Murder by Clark Lohr

Not everybody thinks of murder as an entertainment, Sherry Kiyler told the attendees of recent Sisters in Crime meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona. Kiyler, a retired police chief, gave Homicide Survivors, Inc., as one example of a bunch of people … READ MORE »

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