Get Ready. Get Set. Write.

I’m the rank amateur in another blog that I contribute to called Ladykillers as far  as making preparations to write. Even though I’ve published 6 well-received mysteries and 4 EBooks on the subject of “Writing Your First Mystery” since 2010, it’s not because I’m so organized. Writing is the last thing I seem to have time for after all my commitments. Perhaps I have a touch of ADHD, whatever the term is nowadays for being scatter-brained. But somehow I’ve bumbled along in life accomplishing a thing or two.

I don’t have children or aging parents to care for as an excuse. I have a pet or two, yes, but except for those big eyes staring up at me as I eat at my desk, they don’t ask a lot.

I need a walk!

How do I ignore my political involvements? I go to meetings and write position papers and comment letters. How do I ignore the responsibilities of my executive position in the only environmental watchdog organization in our area? I have a big role in a play I’ve written. We’re in rehearsals now and I’m trying to memorize my lines.

I just took on a big editing job on a diet book. Somebody  is begging me to look at her book. I don’t really need the money but I like her. I spend far too much time playing Spider Solitaire and fooling around on social media.

Once in a while I make a half-hearted attempt at self-promotion.

I’m working on a 7th crime fiction novel now. Working? I wince when I write that because I haven’t touched it in weeks. I don’t know if I get to call myself a writer in the well-organized and productive company I’m lined up with here.

Life is short and we live in interesting times. Even life in a California mountain village. I don’t know how to ignore everything that interests me and stick to writing.

Here’s me out in a field of wildflowers wasting time on a sunny Sunday afternoon when I could be writing.

Yellow flowers favorite

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