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Mar Preston - MediaBio:

I grew up in northern Ontario and love its lakes and forests. But I lived in Santa Monica for decades watching big money, land development, and politics clash.  Getting a good murder mystery novel out of what goes on behind the scenes in grassroots politics, glitzy businesses, and developer skullduggery makes all those dreary Santa Monica city council meetings worthwhile.

 I live now in a village in the California mountains, not that far from the edge of the Los Angeles sprawl. There’s too much to do here: I’m writing crime fiction seriously, but I can’t get away from the SPCA, local environmental politics, and the writing community.

 Life is good.




Publisher:     Pertinacity Press/Createspace

No Dice is the first in the Dave Mason series. 

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Rip-Off  is the second in the Dave Mason series.  Both are set in Santa Monica, California and feature Detective Dave Mason of the Santa Monica Police Department and his community activist girlfriend Ginger McNair.

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Payback is upcoming in fall of 2012 in paperback and Kindle version.

Payback is the debut novel featuring Kern County Homicide Detective Dex Stafford and Security Officer Holly Seabright, investigating how big city crime comes to Sierra Mountain Village.