My New Life in Ottawa, Ontario

You don’t realize how time and energy-consuming it is to set up the basics of life, life as we know it in the 21st century. Life for me includes an Internet connection, smartphone, and TV. A bank, credit card, drivers license. I’m sorry it’s taken so long for this update.

Here’s my new digs in Ottawa.  Not the downtown high-rise I wanted, but it’s really nice inside. The front is an ordinary suburban street. The back faces an old apple orchard and miles of walking/biking paths in the Britania Conservation area.

My new digs
A row of two-story townhouses in the leafy suburbs of Ottawa-

Because public transportation is so good here, I decided to try and live without a car. I’m within minutes of a major bus hub and here’s my walk through a field out my back door where there is a community garden.

The walking paths

There’s Lyft and Uber, and a car-sharing service that I’ve subscribed to. Still, I walk a lot. A lot. My dog loves it. Much of the city looks like a city everywhere, but embassies and consulates are located here giving it a ritzy flavor, as it’s Canada’s national capital. (I know I should spell it “flavour” now.)

Here’s a photo of the mighty Ottawa River which drains into the Great Lakes. I know I make it look like a creek. Just imagine what Mel Weinstein could do with a panorama like this?

Did I mention I can’t get Verizon to work here after 3 visits to the phone company? I did get a new account and new phone. Steep learning curve on both.

Surprises?  Canadians like sweet iced tea. Ick.

No pennies in circulation.  They round up to the nickel.

Fireflies in the grassy field full of flowers behind my townhouse. Fireflies at night. Thunder and lightning.

More. Much more to follow. A new novel? Slow progress. My email is now Let me know if you want my phone number.

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12 Responses to My New Life in Ottawa, Ontario

  1. Joyce Howe says:

    Thank you so much. I was eager to hear this. Looks as if you’ve landed on your feet. Although OTTAWA!!!! We southerners just don’t get it. Greetings from the shore of Lake Ontario – well I can just make it out on a clear day from the 14th floor. Like today.

    • M.Preston says:

      I know Ottawa has long and cold winters. I spent last winter here to see if I could stand it. This winter will be much better. I’m coming back mid-winter to Pine Mountain for a long visit with my friend Judith Cassis. When’s your next California visit, Joyce?

  2. Elaine Ash says:

    A wonderful post, Mar. Will you come back to California to visit? Elaine Ash

  3. Gilbert McElroy says:

    I take my iced tea sans sugar. Your walking paths look wonderful

  4. Ursula Stange says:

    All sounds great, Mar. Except that bit about the shovel….shivered my timbers!

    • M.Preston says:

      I’m coming to North Bay in September, Ursula, going out to the cottage to do some work. I hope I can stay with you again. These visits sustain me.

  5. Drew Lesso says:

    Off to a good start!

    • M.Preston says:

      Indeed. The first weeks I just hunkered down in my empty place waiting for the moving van. I brought the wrong pieces of furniture from my California house, but who knew? The rooms in this condo are so small! My health plan goes into effect 9/12 or 12/9/2019 as it’s expressed here. I hope you’re well and thriving.

  6. Patrice Stimpson says:

    Sounds like you’re settling in well, eh?!

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