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When the Game Gets Too Close Move the Goalposts

In short, an air monitoring site showing the highest rates of ozone pollution in the Valley–in Arvin–was moved so that the readings make the job the state agency is doing look better. The air monitor at the Bear Mountain site has collected … READ MORE »

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The Battle of Warring Studies, Kettleman City – Part II

I’m sure it must cheer Kettleman City families that Kings County has been given $158, 000 to develop a program to improve birth outcomes using grant money from the company that runs the hazardous waste dump three miles out of … READ MORE »

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The Kettleman City Babies – Part I

A  California Environmental Protection Agency and California Department of Public Health report has exonerated pesticides and herbicides, the contaminated water, fumes from diesel trucks, and most of all the huge solid waste disposal facility just outside town from the cluster of babies … READ MORE »

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