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My Ideal Writing Place

Imagine if you were given permission to buy whatever you liked on Arhaus, a home and outdoor site? Please note this is only an imaginary shopping experience. Sigh. Writers need a good desk or writing surface. Good lighting and a … READ MORE »

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What Writers Do to Sell a Few Books

So I got an invitation to sign books more than one hundred miles away, and a two-and-a-half-hour drive from my mountain top village to coastal California. Specifically, Santa Maria. A bookstore called Bookworm. The trip offers an eyeful of glorious … READ MORE »

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Get Ready. Get Set. Write.

I’m the rank amateur in another blog that I contribute to called Ladykillers as far  as making preparations to write. Even though I’ve published 6 well-received mysteries and 4 EBooks on the subject of “Writing Your First Mystery” since 2010, … READ MORE »

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The Writers Conference I Should Have Attended

Though it’s fast fading into the past—it happened in July 2016—I’m still thinking about this terrific group of law enforcement types, firefighters, and EMTs I met in Las Vegas. Here it is, the Public Safety Writers Association conference in July … READ MORE »

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Sisters in Crime – Bakersfield

Cherry Mattias, DVM and I have started a Bakersfield chapter of Sisters in Crime. We were thrilled last meeting to discover we’ve already we’ve grown out of our original meeting place at Marie Callenders. Sisters in Crime Bakersfield is one … READ MORE »

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Write a Day-in-the-Life of Your Killer Character – Mystery Fiction

In my current, and as yet untitled sixth mystery fiction, I changed the killer in the middle of the book. No one knew but me, until my editor commented that the killer was unconvincing.  He just seemed to float in … READ MORE »

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