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Perfection in Home and Word

It’s not easy selling a house or finishing another murder mystery. I find myself combing the fringe on the downstairs rug and setting up a search in Word for every time I’ve over-used the word “grin.” In short, polishing to … READ MORE »

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Moving from Place to Place

The Brits say “up sticks and moved house.” I like the way it makes moving sound—active and positive. For several months now that’s what I’ve been doing and trying to stay active and positive. I am moving away from Pine … READ MORE »

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The Magic of Storytelling

I live in a village of maybe 2000 people in the mountains of central California, seventy miles beyond the Los Angeles sprawl in the Los Padres National Forest. There’s a few restaurants, no movie theater, no mall, or much organized … READ MORE »

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The Freedom of Finishing Your Novel

I’ve just sent off my sixth novel to my editor and my two best and trusted writer friends. I am hoping to get insightful comments that help me better this mystery. It is the second in my series about a … READ MORE »

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Appreciating What Stage Managers Do

Dateline: Valentine’s weekend in Pine Mountain Club (PMC), California. The Mountain Theater Alliance (MTA) is staging a production of Ken Ludwig’s Be My Baby. The romantic comedy captured Broadway audiences with its story of a crusty Scot and stuffy English … READ MORE »

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Way, Way out of My Comfort Zone

I live alone and the evenings are sometimes long here in the village where everything closes at 8 p.m. Almost for a goof, I tried out for a role in the play that Mountain Theater Alliance was mounting for Valentine’s … READ MORE »

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