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What Do I Want To Be Good At?

I see lots of women my age trundling craft supplies into the clubhouse:  lace making, quilting, scrapbooking, card creation. I pass by hearing them laughing and having a good time. I live in a tiny mountain village in the mountains … READ MORE »

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Cop Talk

I also blog on a site called LadyKillers where the topic turned to favorite expressions of our characters. I’m not aware that the four main characters in my two series of mysteries have favorite expressions.  I’m trying and trying to … READ MORE »

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Whodunits or Thrillers?

Distinctions about what readers like to read and what writers write can be divided neatly. You can find my own subgenre of the mystery crime/suspense thriller genre on the police procedural branch of the subgenre tree. Specifically, the whodunits.  I … READ MORE »

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Getting Published – A Long Story

I thought everyone could write if they just sat down and put their mind to it.  As my facility for words came easily to me, I never thought it was important. A facility for manipulating numbers was more of consequence, … READ MORE »

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Get Ready. Get Set. Write.

I’m the rank amateur in another blog that I contribute to called Ladykillers as far  as making preparations to write. Even though I’ve published 6 well-received mysteries and 4 EBooks on the subject of “Writing Your First Mystery” since 2010, … READ MORE »

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The Swag From A Writers Conference

A contrast in what I took home from two writers’ conferences I attended recently: the Public Safety Writers Association (PSWA) conference in July 2016 in Las Vegas;       And, Bouchercon 2016 the worldwide mystery conference in New Orleans … READ MORE »

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