The Most Dangerous Species

The Most Dangerous Species - Murder Mystery - Kindle edition ASIN: B01N4EVGLSA gruesome murder in a cat rescue sanctuary splinters animal lovers and animal haters in a serene California mountain village. Village patrol officer, and animal activist, Holly Seabright, intrudes herself in the investigation to clear the name of the founder, a heroine among the animal rescue community.

Hot shot homicide investigator, Dex Stafford, battles a cat allergy and a dislike for a place without a Starbucks—or even streetlights. Nothing goes his way. He and his partner disagree over the course of the investigation.

A city boy in the countryside, Stafford pursues the killer, but the solution to the crime hits him from a direction he never saw coming.

Told with humor and a sharp observation of village life, the reader follows an unlikely pair of investigators in a prickly alliance through a case with a disturbing psychological twist.