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In short, an air monitoring site showing the highest rates of ozone pollution in the Valley–in Arvin–was moved so that the readings make the job the state agency is doing look better.

The air monitor at the Bear Mountain site has collected data since 1989, causing Arvin to light up as the smoggiest place in America. The California Air Resources board (CARB) moved the air monitor to a more favorable site for two reasons: (1) they couldn’t resolve a beef with the leaseholder of the original site and got booted out;  and (2) they need to meet federal ozone standards by hook or by crook.

As a result, a monitor that registered 66 violations at the old site read 28 violations this year. Air readings taken at one site cannot be compared to readings taken elsewhere:  it’s like comparing a kiwi to a pear. This invalidates the prior 20 years of data.

Think of how many less people in Arvin are gasping and choking for breath this year? We won’t know now if any of the measures taken to improve the air have meant a pinch of coonshit.

But that will not prevent the Air Resources Board crowing about how they’ve done such a good job cleaning up the polluted miasma Valley resident breathe!  Wait for it.  It’s coming.

Here’s a link to the Air Resources Board. Take a good look at them. These are the people responsible for the air you breathe. The San Joaquin Valley member is vacant, whatever import that has had on the decision.

The monitor was moved because the Arvin-Edison Water Storage District, which is run by a governing board of nine farmers, would not renew the lease because they objected to CARBs new diesel truck regulations.

These are their Board members: Jeffrey Giumarra, Charles Fannucchi, John C. Moore, Edwin Camp, Howard Frick, Donald Johnston, Ronald Lehr, Donald Valpredo, and Kevin Pascoe of Grimmway Farms who own many diesel trucks. The one-page website list only an email address for contact:

Collectively these are the people who say they represent you and have your best interests at heart.

If this bothers you at all, I suggest you investigate the Central Valley Air Quality Coalition , the TriCounty Watchdogs or call Tom Franz of the Association of Irritated Residents to get an activist’s slant on things:  661-746-1344