I’m the author of six mysteries, four set in my beloved city of Santa Monica, the other two in a tranquil mountain village in the mountains in Central California where I lived until my transcontinental move to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in 2019.  

No Dice is my debut mystery, a police procedural featuring Santa Monica Police Detective Dave Mason, and community organizer Ginger McNair, leader of the campaign to prevent a high-rise casino being built in downtown upscale Santa Monica. Billions of dollars in potential casino profits can turn the nicest people ugly.

The second, Rip-Off, sets Detective Mason on a chase through Santa Monica’s mean streets to connect up high-tech burglary and Chechen organized crime. No car chases, just intricate human relationships and Machiavellian crime.

The third mystery, Payback, is set in a mountain village similar to where I live in rural California. A forest fire burning in the mountains surrounding the village interrupts the Oktoberfest celebration, followed by the discovery of the mayor who has been beheaded.  Sheriff’s Detective Dex Stafford concludes everybody hated the mayor for different and very good reasons, but nobody will talk. 

Patrol Officer Holly Seabright of the village’s security force becomes a prickly ally in uncovering the hints and whispers of something much worse than the murder of the mayor. Stafford pools resources with the attractive and smart patrol officer on a twisted trail of discovery as winter and the big snows shut down the town. 

The fourth A Very Private High School

The fifth Most Dangerous Species: This book won a First Place award in Fiction from the Public Safety Writers Association 

The sixth By Accident is new. The kindest thing you can do for an author is to leave a review on Amazon. 

The seventh is nearly complete, but that only begins the beginning of polishing it for publication.