The Most Dangerous Species

The Most Dangerous Species

A gruesome murder in a cat rescue sanctuary splinters animal lovers and animal haters in a serene California mountain village. Village patrol officer, and animal activist, Holly Seabright, intrudes herself in the investigation to clear the name of the founder, a heroine among the animal rescue community.

Hot shot homicide investigator, Dex Stafford, battles a cat allergy and a dislike for a place without a Starbucks—or even streetlights. Nothing goes his way. He and his partner disagree over the course of the investigation.

A city boy in the countryside, Stafford pursues the killer, but the solution to the crime hits him from a direction he never saw coming.

Told with humor and a sharp observation of village life, the reader follows an unlikely pair of investigators in a prickly alliance through a case with a disturbing psychological twist.


By Ursula · ★★★★★ · December 08, 2017

It begins with a gruesome murder at a cat shelter in a normally sleepy California mountain village…and leads to a full-blown investigation with criminalists and detectives brought in from the bigger city down the mountain. The suspects are numerous, the clues are dead ends, the facts don’t add… …more

By Diana · ★★★★★ · November 13, 2017

I enjoyed this book so much! Mar Preston’s character leap off the page, there is humour, skulduggery and cats, cats, cats! LOL

As an animal lover, with an emphasis on cats, dogs, and my pet rats, I always enjoy a book which has animals at its centre. Although this book was not about the animals as… …more