I like to write crime fiction because I get to think up fabulous lies and live with the kind of people between my ears that I will never meet in real life. I can also pretend I’m 5’10 and 28 years old. This is not true.

I came to writing fiction late in life and am surprised to find myself the author of seven semi hard-boiled police procedurals, some set in glitzy Santa Monica, a beachside city in Los Angeles, some in a tranquil mountain village in the California mountains where I lived for twenty years. I’ve distilled what I’ve learned writing whodunits into seven eBooks on “Writing Your First Mystery.”

I’d like to tell you that I have a writing and blogging schedule that I adhere to rigidly, but this is also not true.

Writing Your First Mystery:

A step-by-step guide to constructing your first mystery by bestselling crime fiction author Mar Preston.

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A gruesome murder in a cat rescue sanctuary splinters animal lovers and animal haters in a serene California mountain village.

A forest fire burns in a remote California mountain village, followed by the discovery of the mayor who has been beheaded.

A car arson fire claims the life of a beautiful young girl, a rich Muslim student at Santa Monica College.

Santa Monica, California, is home to the homeless, the haves and have nots, dirty politicians, car thieves, and celebrity troublemakers.


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