Imagine if you were given permission to buy whatever you liked on Arhaus, a home and outdoor site? Please note this is only an imaginary shopping experience. Sigh.

Writers need a good desk or writing surface. Good lighting and a reference shelf or two for books. I’ve given away all my bookcases.  I once kept all my books on display so that people would think I was smart. I don’t care anymore if people think I’m smart. Now my library is on kindle and in the cloud.

A desk of course. I use a 24” computer screen and a desktop computer. I admire those people who write long-hand but I’ve written several million words. I don’t like to think about having written those million words if I’d had to do it by hand.

I rarely am able to sit in a chair without one of my three animals competing for space on my lap. I have a lumpy maroon corduroy recliner, my current favorite reading chair. Writers are all readers, you know.  You have to know what good writing looks like before you can write it yourself. I read a lot. Never alone.

My small dog is the first to leap up on my lap the moment I sit down. She’s come to accept her rival, the old tom who will first perch on the arm and purr and purr. Gradually he oozes down off the arm to lie on the dog. She will grudgingly ease over to accommodate him.  The other old tom jumps up on the table beside me, waiting for one of them to leave.  I wish I could video this, but it’s hard taking a video of your lap.

Instead I’ll leave you with the chair I’d pick from Arhaus that I wish my animals would like. They’d look good lying on it and leave me a place to sit.

Chair I wish the animals would lie on instead of my lap.



Here’s the one I like. Isn’t that a handsome chair?








Looks a bit bleak here, but it’s against a tomato red wall on my left.



Maybe you can help me design my ideal writing space. The wall on my right is sunny yellow.  I have no idea how to put these pieces together.









There would be a piece of furniture in reaching distance of my reading chair where I’d keep a brush for the animals, the books I’m currently reading, good chocolate, and a holder for a cup of coffee.

I like this shelf because it’s light and airy.








Here’s a place in the main living room page where I could sit and think about it. Take a look at some more of their front room options here.

I’d have to have something wonderful to look at behind my screen. Here is the view from my office window.

From my office window where I write

I write two series of mysteries called police procedurals, one set in Santa Monica, and the other in the tranquil village where I live now in Central California. I also write a series of EBooks on “Writing Your First Mystery.” They’re all available here on Amazon.

You might like them. Let me know.