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Arrival in a New Country

I’m now living my new life in another country.  The basic set up of a new life in Ontario, Canada requires patience and grim determination.  Stamina as well. A few days have passed since the hellish date of departure, and … READ MORE »

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Price Has No Relationship to Value

Nostalgia is not your friend. Sentiment is your enemy. You must be ruthless. Everyone I know has a story about when they moved into their current home. I recognize the dazed look in the eyes of military or corporate families who … READ MORE »

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A New Life in Another Country

In June of 2019, a moving van will transport my worldly possessions to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. My little family of cats and dogs will follow. Ottawa is Canada’s capital, Justin Trudeau’s city. He’s probably the only Canadian politician most non-Canadians … READ MORE »

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Why Bother Writing Anything?

It’s all too easy to fall into the “Why bother?” trap?  There you can have a good wallow in self-doubt, even worse, self-pity. It’s the best time in human history to be a writer aiming for publication.  It’s also the … READ MORE »

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The In Between Books Stuck Place

I’ve got a novel with an editor and an EBook on writing suspense in the pipeline, waiting for publication. It’s an uncomfortable place, jammed up in a bottleneck. Both these projects took a longer time than when I started writing.  … READ MORE »

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Snappy Dialogue

Thought I’d excerpt a  passage from my new EBook in the “Writing Your First Mystery” series, just to let the crime fiction world know I’m still out there beavering away. Keeping Tension Snapping in Your Dialogue If you have trouble … READ MORE »

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